Our Mission

To bring the forgotten children of the world one step closer to their forever family through one cup of delicious coffee at a time. While we are not a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit company, we like to act like one.

Cassie found her forever family.

Cassie with her caregiver in Bulgaria 2012

About the Owners


Why Six Picks? Prior to December 25, 2012, there were five Pickerills living under the roof of a tiny condo in Okinawa where Dad was stationed with the Navy.  On that Christmas day in Bulgaria, Mom and little Cassie were united forever at an Eastern European orphanage and shortly after they came home to join her new loving brothers to make Six Picks.  With her severe delays, Mom currently stays at home while the boys go to school and Dad helps train aviators at the local survival training center.


Why start a business? We both love coffee and are obsessed with finding good beans to brew at home. Having a difficult time finding good roasted beans locally we decided to roast our own.  We knew we weren't the only ones that would enjoy a cheap yet delicious cup so we created this business to help share what is quickly becoming a lost art due to so many franchise coffee houses popping up offering low quality brews at premium prices.  There is no comparison to freshly roasted beans.


We also want to stay involved in the adoption community and help others where we can. To that end we figured if we can spread a little delicious freshly roasted coffee around while raising money for families in the adoption process, why not?


Our plan is to give a portion of our profits to adopting families in need of financial aid. It is our hope that by doing this we will not only help other families and forgotten children around the world but to also bring more awareness to the need for families to adopt.  If you are a family in need or know of one that is, or if you just want more information on adoption, please email us at sixpickscoffee@gmail.com.