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About Our Beans...


We get our beans from several regions along the "bean belt" that stretches around the globe. Bean availability is ever changing and below are the beans we are currently featuring. Each country has a different cultivation and harvest times during the year. We prefer to purchase beans from smaller farms that participate in the fair trade program. For these reasons our beans are available only at certain times of the year. However, we will do our best to keep at least one type from each country in order to increase the availability for each region.

The list below will change from time to time so keep coming back to see what's new!


Do you live in the Chesapeake, VA area? If so you can use the contact form below to order your coffee and I will deliver your order personally! No need to pay shipping!!


Using the message box at the bottom of the website state the following;


1. Which bean you would like

2. 1/2 or 1 lb

3. Roast style

4. Grind Preference

5 lbs Available
$6.50 - 1/2 lb $12.00 - 1 lb

Another great African bean. With this one you will enjoy raw honey, caramelizing sugars, muted backing spices and fruited top notes. A med/dark roast will bring out a bitter sweetness.

*It's BACK On Special!*
Guatemalan Hue Hue
4 lbs available!
$6.00 - 1/2 lb $12.00 - 1lb
Tanzanian Peaberry
5 lbs available!
$6.00 - 1/2 lb $12.00 - 1lb

This is one of our most unique bean flavor profiles. The Tanzanian consist of bing cherry, ginger, lime and fruit cocktail flavors.

*It's Back!*
Ethiopian Agaro
3 lbs Available
$7.00 - 1/2 lb $13.00 - 1 lb

This Guatemalan has a fuller bodied of a cup, a hint of brightness that comes off a little winy and floral at the lighter roasts. Balanced with a stronger dry complex malty tone.

4 lbs available!
$6.50 - 1/2 lb $12.00 - 1lb

This African bean consists of a black tea, dried apple and raisin sweetness with the transparency of simple syrup. May find an Earl Grey finish or rosted barley.

Colombian Supremo
2 lbs available!
$6.00 - 1/2 lb $12.00- 1 lb

This new Colombian been has a full bodied, classic nutty chocolaty tones to it.

4 lbs available!
$6.00 - 1/2 lb $12.00 - 1lb

This Honduran packs some punch with and earthy pine wood and rustic dried fruit accents. These flavors accent the bitter-sweetness, almond bark and dark cocoa flavors.

Organic Choices

Sumatran Organic

6 lbs Available!

$6.50 - 1/2 lb $12.50 - 1 lb


Our Sumatran gives a full body, earthy and herbal flavor profile.

Mexican Organic
3 lbs available!
$7.00 - 1/2 lb $13.00 - 1lb

The Organic Mexican has a medium body with nutty and smooth flavors.

Our organic Ethiopian gives an earthy fruity, floral with hints of chocolate.

Timor Organic
7 lbs Available
$7.00 - 1/2 lb $13.00 - 1 lb

The Organic Timor has a full bodied Chocolaty with a slight spice flavor profile.

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