About Our Beans...


We get our beans from several regions along the "bean belt" that stretches around the globe. Bean availability is ever changing and below are the beans we are currently featuring. Each country has a different cultivation and harvest times during the year. We prefer to purchase beans from smaller farms that participate in the fair trade program. For these reasons our beans are available only at certain times of the year. However, we will do our best to keep at least one type from each country in order to increase the availability for each region.

The list below will change from time to time so keep coming back to see what's new!


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Coming Soon...
$6.50 - 1/2 lb $12.00 - 1lb

This Brazilian coffee is from a lower elevation than most of the coffees grown in Central America. This bean gets it's naturally sweet flavor from the processing method. Semi wet processed beans such as this one are dried with the skin removed but the fruit pulp is left stuck to the bean as it dries the bean absorbs the sweetness from the fruit pulp and it carries over into your coffee cup.

25 lbs available!
$6.00 - 1/2 lb $12.00 - 1lb

This Guatemalan has a fuller bodied of a cup, a hint of brightness that comes off a little winy and floral at the lighter roasts. Balanced with a stronger dry complex malty tone.

Costa Rican
​2 lbs available!
$6.00 - 1/2 lb $12.00 - 1 lb

This is a Central American Bean Flavor profile: big-bodied coffee with chocolate roast character emerging as milk chocolate and semi-sweet cocoa, dark cacao bar, and chocolate rice crispy treats. City+ to Vienna. Good for espresso.

Tanzanian Peaberry
10 lbs available!
$6.00 - 1/2 lb $12.00 - 1lb

This is one of our most unique bean flavor profiles. The Tanzanian consist of bing cherry, ginger, lime and fruit cocktail flavors.

coffee bean 5.jpg


10 lbs Available!

$7.00 - 1/2 lb $13.00 - 1 lb


This African bean has a great flavor profile: silky smooth chocolate, boysenberry, peach pie.


5lb Available!

$6.50- 1/2lb $12.00- 1lb

Nicaragua Buenos Aires comes from a larger farms. The fruit is picked and left whole to dry out. This method leads to a fruitier notes than other beans. This bean is also part of the "farm Gate" pricing transparency program through our buyers.

Organic Choices

Sumatran Organic

Coming Soon.....

$6.50 - 1/2 lb $12.50 - 1 lb


Our Sumatran gives a full body, earthy and herbal flavor profile.

Papua New Guinea
Coming Soon....
$7.00 - 1/2 lb $13.00 - 1lb

The Organic Papua New Guinea has a medium body with nutty and smooth flavors.


5 lbs Available!

$6.50 - 1/2 lb $12.00 - 1 lb


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